An Introduction to Islamic Finance: Theory and Practice


“Many books have been written on Islamic financial markets but this is the first book to introduce all of the essential topics in one volume. The authors, two of the best known authorities in Islamic economics, finance and banking, also incorporate valuable examples and practical discussions that will offer better understanding of this emerging market. They should be congratulated for providing students and practitioners with a text that places Islamic finance and banking squarely within the context of Islamic teachings and modern finance and banking practices.”
–Hossein Askari, Iran Professor of International Business and International Affairs, George Washington University

“An Introduction to Islamic Finance is an excellent introduction to the principles of Islamic finance. The authors provide necessary background to the subject, as well as succinct description of the main products and processes. This book will be of value to anyone looking to invest or issue in the Islamic finance markets.”
–Professor Moorad Choudhry, Department of Economics, London Metropolitan University

“Islamic financial markets have made remarkable progress during the last two decades and this burgeoning growth has increased the appetite for financiers and bankers to understand more of this emerging market. Incorporating useful references to historical practices and financial instruments used by Muslim societies, An Introduction to Islamic Finance will serve as a very useful resource for anyone interested in the subject. The authors should be congratulated for their insightful and practical contribution.”
–Professor Rifaat Ahmed Abdel Karim, Secretary-General, Islamic Financial Services Board

“Considerable experience in dealing with finance and its role in development have gone into this timely publication. The insights offered by the authors should be especially helpful to Islamic banks and financial institutions in redesigning risk-management and diversification of portfolios. This makes An Introduction to Islamic Finance one of the best books on the topic so far.”
–Dr. Mohammad Nejatullah Siddiqi, Professor of Economics, Islamic Economics Research Center, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah (Retired)



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