Critical History Of Financial Crises, A: Why Would Politicians And Regulators Spoil Financial Giants?


We are pleased to announce that A Critical History of Financial Crises has been included in CHOICE Magazine’s Outstanding Academic Title list. Only the most outstanding works have been selected for their excellence in scholarship and presentation, the significance of their contribution to the field, and their value as important — often the first — treatment of their subject.For more information on CHOICE Magazine’s Outstanding Academic Title list, please visit the following link: /remove ‘While each financial crisis is unique and has its own special features, there are a lot of similarities in the dynamics leading to a crisis and also in their resolutions. Some of the financial crises are caused by the lack of appropriate regulation, but often the regulators were ignoring the signals of imminent crises, while serving implicitly or explicitly, the financial industry.In his book, Prof. Kedar-Levy is providing a fresh look at many famous financial crises around the globe, analysing their causes and effects. The special role of regulators is highlighted, including the ‘Capture Theory’ in practice. This book is suitable for economist as well as for those interested in economic history, and for all those concerned with the stability of current international financial markets.’Professor Dan GalaiThe Hebrew University, Jerusalem



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