Investing in Stocks and Shares: A step-by-step guide to making money on the stock market (A How to Book) 


his book, first published in 1992, is one of the most enduring guides to investment in the stock market ever published. Now in a thoroughly revised, updated 9th edition this bestselling volume has been written and kept up to date by a professional long-term investor. It explains in plain English how the stock market works; what affects share prices;how to avoid unnecessary risks; and how you can invest successfully in shares, bonds, gilts, options and futures over the long term. 
It gives step-by-step guidance on:
· how to trade on the stock market, whether it’s going up or down; 
· successful stock investment strategies; 
· investing at minimum risk in traded options and futures; 
· buying bonds, gilts and interest-bearing deposits.



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