The Millionaire Fastlane

Escape Financial Mediocrity, Fire that 9-5 and Slash 40 Years Off The Road to Wealth!

Why prostitute your Monday through Friday for the paycheck of a weekend?  Hop aboard the expressway to extraordinary wealth and make everyday your weekend. 

A chance encounter with a stranger in a Lamborghini revealed its existence: You can get rich young without 40 years of soul-sucking jobs, without 40 years of buzz-killing frugality, without 40 years of sacrificial saving, and without 40 years of 8% hope-and-pray stock market returns. 

Yes, there’s a Fastlane to wealth, a shortcut of blinding speed where you can live wealthy in youthful exuberance over elder entropy.  Instead, the Fastlane is cleverly hidden by a horde of hypocritical gurus and financial experts who pitch, preach, and peddle a dream-stealing dogma known as “Get Rich Slow.”  Their plan to wealth begs obedience to mediocrity, devours a lifetime, and promises wealth in a wheelchair.  Escape the financial Slowlane and resurrect your dreams to reality.

知乎高赞书《The Millionaire Fastlane 》

如果积累财富是一次航海旅行,“缓慢致富”便是试图沿着南美洲的海岸线绕到另一边,而快车道者则使用捷径—巴拿马运河。百万富翁的快车道并不是一个静态的策略,鼓吹”投资房地产”,“积极思考”,又或者“开始创业”。它实际上是一个完完全全破解了财富密码,开启了捷径大门的心理和数学公式。快车道是一个与众不同的进化,能让你拥有过上不同生活的可能: 年轻而富有的生活,提前退休。是的,你可以获得一生的财富与自由,不管你是18岁还是40岁。50年的缓慢致富达成的目标,快车道5年就可以实现。





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