YOUR MONEY, YOUR GOALS A financial empowerment toolkit


At a glance
This introduction includes two tools to help you start using the Your Money, Your Goals toolkit. Financial empowerment self-assessment Use this tool to develop an understanding of your own financial knowledge, skills, and confidence level. My money picture Use this tool to help you assess each person’s goals and financial situation, so you can determine which specific modules and tools will help them the most. About the toolkit This toolkit is designed for anyone who serves people living with low incomes through non-profit, community-based, or private sector organizations or works in a government agency dedicated to helping the public. Many of the people you meet with may feel overwhelmed by their financial situations, and they often don’t know where to go for help. You’re in a unique position to provide that help. The people your organization works with already know and trust you. In many cases, they’re already sharing financial and other personal information with you as well. This toolkit gives you the tools and information you need to help people set and achieve goals; build skills in managing money, credit, and debt; and choose financial products that are right for them. Each person has different circumstances and things they can benefit from, so you can select the tools that best meet their needs and just work with those topics.



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