The Encyclopedia of Leadership: A Practical Guide to Popular Leadership Theories and Techniques


Quick summaries and skill development worksheets for 130 of the most important leadership theories and techniques 

A comprehensive guide to the most important and influential leadership principles, theories, tools and techniques in the organizational world, The Encyclopedia of Leadership will help bring you up to speed on many familiar leadership models by modern ‘gurus.’ Featuring ideas by ,John Kotter Charles Handy, Peter Senge, David Ulrich, Ken Blanchard, Peter Drucker, and many others, The Encyclopedia of Leadership summarizes each key idea in one page, then provides a worksheet to help put the idea into practice. The worksheet can be photocopied for yourself or downloaded from the Web and customized to meet the needs of your organization’s leadership training program. 

Designed for busy leaders, trainers, consultants, educators, and coaches, The Encyclopedia of Leadership makes it possible to quickly find brief summaries of any important leadership idea including: 

* the basic competencies and practices of successful leaders 
* finding the best leadership technique for the situation 
* leading groups and teams 
* designing productive organizations 
* coaching and supporting the success of others, and much more. 

Summarizing the thinking of hundreds of great leadership thinkers, The Encyclopedia of Leadership is an important reference book for everyone involved in leadership and leadership training. 

The first desk reference of its kind, the Encyclopedia of Leadership summarizes more than 130 of the most useful leadership ideas, and techniques from the world’s greatest leadership authorities and presents them in one accessible handbook. Covering the most important issues facing today’s leaders, each entry has been carefully selected for its enduring quality and time-tested usefulness. 

The Encyclopedia features the most useful, regularly used ‘tools of the leadership trade,’ condensed into quick and easy ‘bites.’ In addition, each entry in the encyclopedia includes a reproducible worksheet to make it easy to apply the technique to your leadership situation—or to use in a leadership training program. 

Worksheets include: 
* personal effectiveness tools for your own personal leadership role 
* coaching mentoring tools to work with others to increase their effectiveness 
* training tools for leadership development 
* group/team leadership tools. 

Each worksheet can be photocopied or downloaded from the Web and customized to meet the needs of your organization. Also included is bibliographic information for readers who want to learn more about each leadership idea. 

Packed with evaluation questionnaires, graphics, and checklists, The Encyclopedia of Leadership makes it easy to quickly understand and implement the leadership idea that’s right for your organization.

About the Author

Murray Hiebert (Calgary, Canada; has over twenty years experience as an international consultant. He also manages an internationally successful workshop, for professional experts Consulting Skills for Professionals. 

Bruce Klatt (Calgary, Canada; is a senior partner in Murphy Klatt Consulting, Inc. specializing in accountability and alignment, strategic alliancing and organizational effectiveness.



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